Are you an ocean recreation activity provider?

Join the Nature Fee Program to support conservation!

The Nature Fee supports stewardship and education, but it’s also good for business!

We are stronger together.

Why should you participate in the Nature Fee program?

  •  Visibly support conservation through a local non-profit
  •  Align your business with industry leaders
  •  No cost to your business for participating
  •  Protect our livelihoods- preserve the ocean and marine life that is the backbone of the industry
  •  Brand your business as eco-friendly
  •  Enjoy free marketing through HOW’s social media & Google AdWords campaigns
  •  Receive visible marketing through distribution of a custom memento for each participant
  •  Did we mention FREE marketing?
  •  Better trained and more skilled captains and crew improve your clients’ overall experience
  •  Increase the overall safety of operations within the Manta Ray and ocean tourism industry
  •  Set your business apart from the crowd in a meaningful way
  •  Demonstrate your commitment to clear, cooperative industry standards
  •  Strengthen our industry from within
  •  Have a voice in forming future State level regulations
  •  Be part of a group of like-minded activity providers who promote safety, conservation and education
  •  Contact us today to learn more by sending us a message through our contact form

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