Our Board of Directors

Renata Goetzendorfer


President, Director

As an animal and nature advocate, Renata constantly looks for more refined ways to enjoy and preserve. In the past, she has visited dolphins in captivity and has unknowingly eaten fish of the endangered species list. Observing the magnificently free marine life in the warm waters of Hawaii has been a transformational experience for Renata.

People have the innate desire to do good but oftentimes simply do not know how.  To be part of Hawaii Ocean Watch allows Renata to pass forward the concept of HOW to “Do No Harm” and present the right information and take informed actions.

Coming from landlocked Austria and Colorado, Renata brings a background in Advertising, Product Development and an unbound love for the ocean and its inhabitants.

James Wing


Founder, Director
Secretary, Treasurer
PADI Master Scuba Instructor, Professional Underwater Photographer, Private Pilot, Manta Ray Advocate & Educator

Acknowledged as the authority on Manta Ray and human interaction, James has more hours underwater with Manta Rays than anyone in the world. He consults with the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel concerning the Manta Rays and lectures at the resort. As a result of his work in broadcast and print media, tens of millions of people have been exposed to the Kona Manta Rays.

James prefers to stay out of the limelight, but his passion for Manta Rays has been strong ever since he first started filming them in 1991 (Keauhou). Pioneering new locations where manta rays can be found (Airport dive site in 1999) and a consistent clear delivery of the message of DO NO HARM through his imagery are his strong sides.

James is the owner of the premier production company servicing manta ray tour boats for over 25 years. He resides on the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife Martina and explores the beautiful Underwater World of Hawaii several times a week.

Learn more about his work: www.MantaAdvocatesHawaii.com.

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