Maritime Skill Training

IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!  But we need your help!

The West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, and specifically Kailua-Kona, is home to a bustling ocean-recreation charter boat industry. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the incredible marine life, beauty and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The industry is busy all-year-round.

Most charter boats leave from Honokohau Harbor, one of the busiest small harbor in the State of Hawaii. Kailua Pier, Keauhou Bay and Puako are also very active, and activities offered range from snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, to fishing and whale-watching.

At the same time, Hawaii is the most expensive State with the highest cost of living in the US, making it a place of a transient workforce. Every boat operator needs skilled personnel and this where HOW’s maritime skills training will come in.

We want to help the boat operators and lighten their burden of ongoing training of new employees by offering a maritime skills training program to insure a positive, safe experience for all.

In 2017, we will create an online and hands-on training program, facilitating the highest possible skill training. The US Coast Guard, State of Hawaii officials, seasoned captains, staff and boat managers will be consulted to create a curriculum that is highly efficient, specific to the Kona Coast and will increase standards in regards to boating, customer service and overall safety. The West Coast of Hawaii will continue to be a highly desirable destination where one can enjoy the magnificent ocean and unique marine life encounters all under a safe umbrella of highly skilled and educated crew and captains.

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