Our Mission

Our primary mission is to establish safe and sustainable programs of passive interaction between people and marine life so that the creatures can be enjoyed, but not harmed, by humans.

Our Vision

Our vision is that ocean recreation tourism is safe, sustainable, eco-friendly and has a benign effect on the creatures.

The Big Why

In a nutshell: the Kona manta rays are being harmed by a small sector of the ocean tourism industry on the Big Island of Hawaii. Federal and state officials are aware of the problem, and encouraged industry to self- regulate, but that has failed.

The state is currently drafting administrative rules and a criteria for the distribution of a limited number of permits, but this is will not happen until sometime in 2018.

Then the question remains as to whether the state will have the personnel or the budget to enforce any rules that are mandated. In the meantime the manta rays are suffering.

We feel that the most direct way to help the manta rays is to inform the consumer. In order to do so, we developed a green list of activity providers. Essentially this means that these operators are voluntarily abiding by the guidelines and standards that were drafted and they are not exposing people or marine life to potential harm. It is a “consumers guide” to the manta activity on the Big Island of Hawaii.

There is a lot of backstory and drama to all this, but the main thing to keep in mind is that we need your help.