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About The Cause

Our primary mission is to establish safe and sustainable programs of passive interaction between people and marine life so that the creatures can be enjoyed, but not harmed, by humans. The marine life that you love to see and experience in Hawaii is under duress and continues to suffer because of unsafe practices, an over-saturation of tour operators and a lack of compliance with established standards. Seeing Manta Rays being harmed created and fueled a passionate desire within us for marine life protection. Sea creature encounters can be done responsibly and sustainably. To accomplish this, it is crucial to raise social awareness as to what is happening and present real-world solutions through education and advocacy. Your donation will help us implement our first program, “The Green List of Activity Providers for the Manta Ray Experience” in Kona, Hawaii. This list identifies those tour operators that are in compliance with Industry Standards. This grassroots movement started in June of 2014 and has proven itself to be a successful concept. With Hawaii Ocean Watch, the “Green List” finds its new home on a 501(c)(3), non-profit platform.
Future efforts will include educational programs for crew members, captains and everyone involved as well as focusing on other marine life species that are under stress.

About The Cause

cruel facts at a glance

Many marine animals suffer the consequences of human activities and their lives are in danger.
On the Kona Coast the manta rays, which are about to be considered an endangered species, are under duress.

Manta Symbol

25% of the manta rays we regularly see show some kind of injury caused by man.

Boat and Anchor

Less than 50% of the manta tour operators comply with industry standards to protect the manta rays from injury.

Injured Manta

100% of the manta rays and tourists are at risk of injury/death because the activity is over-saturated with people and boats.

want to know more?

Check out the video and learn about the challenges the Manta Rays of Kona Hawaii are facing. We need your support and donations to make a difference!

how you can help

Helping Hands

The marine life on the Kona Coast of Hawaii is under enormous pressure! Our programs include the "The Green List of Activity Providers", so we want to encourage you to BOOK TOURS with companies that work within Industry Standards and DO NO HARM to the sea creatures. SUPPORT us with a donation or PLACE an order for our “glow-in-the-dark" wristbands. SPREAD THE WORD about HOW and share on social media that the manta rays and other marine life need your help."

Our Vision

With your help, we can raise funds to protect manta rays and dolphins (and other marine life) from harm due to an unregulated boating and ocean recreation tourism industry. Hawaii Ocean Watch has the formula to bring harmony.

A big population is at risk and your contribution helps in a big way…every donation, however small, makes a difference. With your help, we’re working every single day to make our little part of the Pacific Ocean a safer place for mantas and other marine life.

Learn more about the founding directors and the Big Why, find publications about problems at hand, and give once or donate monthly!

We will keep you updated about our progress and efforts to Do No Harm to any Ocean Creatures in the Hawaiian Islands!

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